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Flex 3000v2_edited.jpg

 The new to me radio is a Flex  3000  that’s connected to a Mac mini running Windows 10 via Boot Camp. I’m a Mac guy  so my reasoning is the best way to run Windows is on a Mac. And it works really well! I have an older Samsung big monitor which provides a really good display for all the things you can see and do with this entry level Flex Radio.


 The mic is a Rode Procaster mounted on a Rode PSA 1 Boom Arm. The Arm is great - it stays wherever you put it.


 From there, it goes to a Tokyo Hy-Power solid state amp. This is the lower power version so typically output is 350 - 500 watts, depending on the antenna and band. It’s unfortunate the company is out of business because this amp is a solid workhorse!

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