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You're Worthy

When Covid 19 struck, normal went out the window. For us, at PUMC, we developed a pre-recorded daily devotional and Sunday program to try and stay in touch with our members. As we moved further and further into the pandemic we looked for new ways to expand or enhance our services.

Since we were limiting our exposure to people, I did something I had never done before - at least in any kind of serious fashion. I started singing. I had been using a lot of instrumental music I had created, along with my flugelhorn friend Lynn Nash, and occasionally our incredibly talented Noémi Lee on piano. But people get tired of nothing but instrumental music - at least I did so I wandered into those murky waters of recording myself. You have to understand that I live with an incredible singer, so I’m always intimidated when I play myself singing for her. Tricia, hmmm, let’s see here - that would bet Dr. Campbell not only is an incredible singer but she teaches voice for a living, so you can imagine how I was feeling about recording, but none the less, I did.

Last weeks song, You Are Good featured some of our singers, but that was me singing on the tenor part. This week, it’s all me on vocals, including some parts I sang that were in the original chart I wrote for our Praise Team.

The Praise and Worship song is You’re Worthy of My Praise. And thanks again to Lynn Nash for the assist with his Flugelhorn, and I snuck in a few trombone parts as well. There’s a bonus this week, though. Right after the song is over, the track only version will play. If it’s something you like and you would like to perform it or at least have the vocal chart I wrote, drop me an email - and I’ll get that out to ya!

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