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I Love To Sing Your Praise

Yesterday in our Horizons service we did something different. In fact we did several things differently, but one thing I have not down before. More on that in a minute.

I picture myself as a life long learner - I think I may have mentioned that before. One aspect of playing the I have wanted to learn is the Black Gospel style. Every once in a while I’ll get interested in it, but lately that interest has blossomed a little and with the help of my son Matt, I learned a few progressions I wanted to use on a Sunday Morning. And that day was yesterday.

So I enlisted the congregation to be the percussion section! That means they clapped on 2 and 4 while I played and we all sang.

So here’s a recording I made this morning of that arrangement, and I added hand claps on 2 and 4. One of my favorite songs - I Love To Sing Your Praise, Lord.

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