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I married the love of my life in 1981.  Tricia has been my rock for all these years.  She has endured so much from me, and I am so grateful for her.  Find out more about her by clicking here!


It has been said that the greatest legacy a man can leave is his children. If that's true, then I have suceeded beyond my wildest hopes and dreams!  My family means everything to me, including our daughter-in-law!  I have been blessed way beyond anything I deserve.


I have the distinct honor of being the Worship and Outreach Director for Peakland United Methodist Church.  The staff and the members are quality people that love God and are not hung up on the mundane. Lovers of life, this church is, in my opinion, the best church one could ever hope to be part of!

Linwood specializes in music and video production, having developed the skills over a life time of experience.


I started taking piano lessons when I was six.  My last three years of high school I switched over to organ.  While never sucessfully completing college, the era of computers and keyboards started and I grew with it.  I have played "keys" on many projects over the years including a few of my own.  Now I enjoy creating with my wife, Tricia, my best friend from earlier years Lynn Nash, and ocassionaly my son, Matt who is an outstanding bass player!  Tricia has an incredible voice (the best) and Lynn is a master of the Flugelhorn!  What fun I am having!  The picture taken on the next page is at Lynn's house during one of our recording sessions.

Amateur Radio

A few years ago I discovered the world of amateur radio.  I started with the local guys participating in "nets" and helping with communcation in the Virginia 10 miler.  I expanded into the world of "DX", which means talking all over the world via radio.  My FCC issued call sign is K2LLC. 

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